Get Rid Of Your Stretch Marks With Laser Treatment

Posted on: 6 January 2016

Stretch marks aren't exactly pleasing to the eyes, but the reality is that they are perfectly normal. Weight gain, pregnancy, puberty and hormonal changes can all cause these marks to appear on the skin's surface. However, this doesn't mean you have to live with them. Laser treatment can help rid your skin of these marks and restore its natural, beautiful appearance.

Laser Treatment

Stretch mark laser treatment often involves the use of a fractional laser that is focused on the affected area during treatment. Once the laser makes contact with the skin, tiny pulses of light penetrate into the sublayers of the skin, which causes the natural healing process of the human body to activate. As the skin tries to heal itself, it will begin by removing the old, damaged skin tissues.

Once they are removed, new skin that has greater elastin and collagen content begins to form in their place. The elastin and collagen in the new skin layers minimize both the appearance and texture of the stretch marks, making them harder to both see and feel. Treatment can be performed on any part of the body where stretch marks are an issue.


A common concern people have is whether or not the treatment is painful. The simple answer is no. However, it's not uncommon to feel the tiny pulsations of light as they make contact with your skin, creating somewhat of a prickling type of sensation. For many people, this is a minor and short-lived discomfort. Should you have a low threshold for pain, your provider can discuss pain management options with you.


Make sure implanted in your mind the reality that you likely won't receive your desired results in a single session. This is especially the case if you have a lot of stretch marks on your skin or have had them for many years. The most dramatic and satisfying results come from multiple treatments. Since every person's experience will vary, it's best to speak with your provider regarding exactly how many times you need to come back for treatment.

Care And Recovery

Skin should be treated with care after a session as it is in a sensitive and vulnerable state. Avoid direct sunlight on the treated area right away, and ensure you are keeping the area moisturized with an approved lotion or cream. In terms of recovery, a great thing about laser treatment for stretch marks is that there is virtually no downtime. After your session has been completed, you should be able to resume your normal schedule right away.

If you want to get rid of your stretch marks to restore your skin's beauty and your confidence, a provider like Rejuvenate Center for Medical Aesthetics can help you formulate the treatment plan that's best for you.


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