Common Nosy Questions About Your Facelift (And How To Best Respond)

Posted on: 13 April 2016

When you decide to have a facelift, you are making a commitment to do something special for yourself. Self-care should be all about doing what makes you feel best about yourself. Supportive people in your life will rally around you and give you lots of positive encouragement before and after your facelift. However, some acquaintances, family members, and others may occasionally have a rude question or two. If you encounter these rude questions, arm yourself with a response to stop the nosiness in its tracks.

How much did your facelift cost?

Whoa, some people really were never taught that asking people about money is a no-no. Whether you've had an affordable facelift or something else entirely, nobody should be asking about how much your personal surgery cost. It's tacky. Nip this question in the bud with one of these responses:

  • You know, my mama always taught me that it was rude to discuss money. I think there's something to that! Thanks for asking, though.
  • Oh, about 2.5 billion dollars. (Hey, sometimes a woman needs to insert a little sarcasm in her day!)
  • Isn't the general rule that you should spend half a year's salary?
  • Half of my rent but double yours.
  • I think HIPAA prevents me from telling you.

What exactly did you have done?

First of all, the true and total answer to this question is nobody's business except yours. It's completely up to you whether you even want to share these details with your closest friends and family members. From there you may or may not choose to share any of the information with others. If you don't want to share, some responses to this question may be:

  • I could tell you, but then I'd have to make sure you couldn't tell anyone else! It's safer I say nothing. (Sarcasm is the only way to deliver that response.)
  • Oh, it's just this great new skin cream I've been using!
  • I don't know exactly what you mean by asking me something like that.
  • Exactly what didn't you have done?

Why did you decide to have facelift surgery?

This is a truly personal question, but complete strangers may ask you about it. Fellow patients may even be curious about your reasons why, but you need not offer explanations to anyone at all. If you do want to share your motivation, feel free to do so. If you don't, try one of these responses:

  • Why did you decide to ask me such a personal question?
  • I thought it was the law! You mean it's not?
  • I love myself enough to know when I want to make positive changes that make me feel better.
  • That's a personal choice. Asking that is like asking why someone decided to serve in the army or have kids. It's very individual, and it's too complicated for a short conversation.
  • I appreciate your interest, but I can't answer that right now.

Finally, keep in mind that the information about your surgery is something you can keep confidential between you and your facelift surgeons. You don't owe anybody answers to any of their nosy questions. Stay true to what you want, and only share what feels comfortable to you. Making this smart choice for yourself is all about empowering yourself to feel great and put your best foot forward as you face the world. You should only answer questions on your own terms. 

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