3 Steps For Recovery After Liposuction

Posted on: 22 July 2016

Liposuction can be a wonderful option if you have small areas of fat that you would like to have removed from your body. Luckily, your recovery time does not have to be as difficult as you might think, either. Just remember these three steps for recovery after liposuction.

1. Wear Compression Garments

First of all, your doctor will probably recommend that you wear compression garments that fit snugly on the affected area after your procedure. Compression garments will provide support for the surgical site and will help reduce bruising and swelling while providing you with the nice, smooth look that you are going for. Your doctor might give you compression garments or might recommend a source from which you can purchase them. You will generally want at least two sets so that you can wash your compression garments in-between wears without having to take time off from wearing them after your procedure.

2. Take Antibiotics

As with many procedures, your body can be at risk of infection after liposuction. To help keep you safe from infection, your doctor might prescribe you an antibiotic to take in the weeks after your surgery. If you are allergic to any antibiotics, you will want to make sure that your doctor is aware of this so that he or she can prescribe you a medication that is safe for you to take. Make sure that you take your antibiotics until the series has ended, even if the affected area feels totally healed in the meantime.

3. Take it Easy

Even though liposuction is not generally considered to be the serious procedure that it once was, you will want to take it easy after your surgery until your doctor clears you to resume medical activity. It is generally best to take a few days off of work and to avoid exercising or otherwise participating in physical activity until your doctor says that it is safe and acceptable for you to do so. Taking it easy right after your procedure will help you ensure that you heal properly and get the result that you want.

As you can see, the general steps of recovery after liposuction aren't as serious as you might think. Make sure that you follow these tips and any advice that you might have been given by your doctor to avoid putting yourself at risk of injury or infection and to see the results that you are looking for. For more information about liposuction, contact a company like Satori Body Contouring Day Spa.


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