3 Products And Services You Will Need After Healing For Liposuction

Posted on: 3 May 2018

Liposuction is a procedure that will remove fat that is just under the surface of the skin to the outside of the body. This can increase looks immediately and in the long run. Since fat cells are not multiplied but expanded, the areas where fat is removed will still remain smaller even if you gain weight. If you are going through liposuction, you will experience side effects of the surgery for several weeks, though most will be mild. Here are three products that will aid you in healing from your liposuction throughout all of the phases. 

1. Anti-itch spray and pills 

It is common to have itchy skin after a liposuction procedure. Wherever you had liposuction. You will notice that the skin tends to itch as if you have had an allergic reaction. This happens due to the skin needing to reattach itself and heal after having been separated by the liposuction cannula. To stop the itching immediately, use an anti-itching spray on your skin. After you spray, take an anti-itching pill. Many people will take allergy medications that are designed to stop itching while healing from liposuction. Check with your doctor to see which medication they recommend. 

2. Liposuction foam 

if you have had liposuction in order to shape your body, you will notice that you have some swelling after the procedure. This can be disappointing at first, but it is not long lasting. In order to keep the swelling down, you should wrap your liposuctioned areas in foam. This will keep the swelling down and it can help shape your body. It will also stop the development of seromas, which can lead to needing medical treatment. The foam will help more if it is used in conjunction with spandex or other materials that keep the body tightly wrapped. 

3. Lymphatic massages

After liposuction, it is possible for fluid to build up in the areas that were worked on. To get the swelling down, you should have lymphatic drainage massages. These massages will encourage the lymph nodes in your body to release fluid. During the first days of liposuction, when you still have holes from the procedure, fluid will be pushed from the holes during the lymphatic massages. Once your lipo holes have healed, your body will eliminate the extra fluid through your bladder. The massages will encourage healing in the skin and will stimulate the circulation to get your body back to normal. 


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