When Breast Revision Is Necessary

Posted on: 30 May 2018

Breast revision is a surgical procedure. This surgical procedure is used to fix complications from a breast augmentation procedure. It is also used to remove or replace breast implants. There are a few different situations under which breast revision is a necessary procedure to seek out.

You Want to Return to Your Natural Breast Size

If you got implants and you are not comfortable with the size of your breasts now that you have implants, breast revision surgery can help you get back your natural breast shape. With breast revision surgery, the breast implants will be removed from your body. The surgery will also make sure that your breasts return to their natural shape and size. This is a good option for someone who discovered that having bigger breasts wasn't all that comfortable. Additionally, just because you got implants doesn't mean that your breasts will magically stop growing. If your breasts have grown and you want to embrace your natural shape, breast augmentation surgery is a way to achieve that.

Your Implants Have Experienced Issues

Although implants should stay where they are put, that is not always the case. Overtime, implants may change shape, shift, or get really hard. If your implants have shifted and don't look like they did when you had them put in, breast revision is the best way to address this issue. You can have the troubled implant removed and a new one put in its place, or you can go back to your natural shape.

You Want New Implants

Another reason to have breast revision surgery is that you want new implants. If you already have implants in your breasts, keep in mind that they are only designed to last a little over a decade. After that, the shape and volume of the implants can decrease. When that happens, breast revision surgery is your best option for having the old implants removed and new implants put in place.

You may also not be happy with the size of your implants. If you decide that you would like to have larger breasts, breast revision surgery can be used to increase the size of your breasts. Many surgeons will suggest you only go up one or two sizes at a time, so if you decide that you are ready for a bigger breast size, this is how you go about achieving those results. Or if you decide that you went too big with your implants and you want a smaller size, you can have your implants swapped out for some smaller ones with breast revision surgery.

Breast revision surgery is for individuals who, for one reason or another, are not happy with their breast implants.


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