Three Reasons That You May Need To Delay Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

Posted on: 28 June 2018

When you attend a breast augmentation consultation, you'll learn many things. The biggest thing that you'll be excited to discuss with your surgeon is how this procedure will change the size and appearance of your breasts. You may even get to see a virtual rendering of yourself with your new breasts, which can be valuable to help you decide how the breast size you want will look on your body. Timing is another thing that you'll go over during the consultation. You may be eager to schedule the procedure as promptly as possible, but there are different factors that may require you to delay the appointment for a short period of time. Here are some examples.

You're Still Breastfeeding

Generally, cosmetic surgeons will not advise their patients to have breast augmentation surgery until they're no longer breastfeeding their child. This is because you and your surgeon will need to assess your post-breastfeeding breast size. When you're breastfeeding, your breasts will commonly be at their largest. However, when you're done doing so, you'll commonly experience a reduction in the volume of each breast. Once your breasts have retained their "normal" size and shape, you'll then be able to more adeptly decide what degree of augmentation is right for you. This can be a difficult decision when your breasts are large from breastfeeding.

You Have A Busy Schedule

During your consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will also discuss the recovery process for this procedure. In doing so, he or she will ask you about your schedule and encourage you to pick a time for your surgery in which you don't have much going on. The surgeon will caution you about trying to speed through the recovery process in order to go on a vacation, attend a work-related event, or do something else out of the ordinary. In order for there to be no risk of complications, you need to take the full amount of recovery time, so it's best to schedule your appointment when you can do so.

You Have Another Procedure Coming Up

You may be improving the look of your body through multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. If this is the case, your cosmetic surgeon will advise you to delay your breast augmentation until you're fully recovered from whatever other procedure you have scheduled. Trying to recover from two different procedures at the same time may be challenging, so many surgeons will advocate that patients have their procedures at different times, rather than concurrently. This is especially the case with major procedures such as breast augmentation.


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