Have You Been Putting Off Eyelid Surgery? 3 Signs Its Time To Correct A Drooping Upper Lid

Posted on: 28 July 2018

Aging brings many changes that are often hardly noticeable until they become severe. While some normal parts of the aging process can be ignored such as those lovely silver hairs, others eventually reach a point where you must take corrective action. While you might not have worried much about your droopy eyelids until now, noticing any of these three situations warrants further assessment to determine if cosmetic eyelid surgery may be necessary to improve your quality of life.

1. Your Vision Is Impaired

The slow descent of your eyelid may eventually reach the point where you can no longer see clearly. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for eyelids to drop at the same time, which means that your vision may be impaired in both eyes. Being unable to see clearly places you at risk for further health issues such as car accidents or medication mishaps that are all preventable with proper eye care. If you find that you are restricting your activities because you cannot see, then seek a consultation to find out if eyelid surgery can remove the skin that obscures your vision.

2. Your Makeup Won't Stay Put

As your upper eyelid droops, you can eventually lose your crease. This makes it difficult to apply your makeup correctly, and losing the crease in your eyes is a sign that the problem is becoming more severe. You may also notice that the excess skin obscures your eyelashes and leads to smudges. Although you may be tempted to skip the makeup, this is not always the solution if you prefer to maintain a certain appearance in public. After eyelid correction, you can restore the crease to your lid and continue to dress up as you prefer.

3. Your Career or Hobbies Suffer

Appearances may not be everything, but yours may matter if you work in a specific industry. For instance, you may need to take steps to reduce the signs of aging if you work in the cosmetics and beauty industry. In your downtime, you may also find that your drooping eyelid is ruining your ability to enjoy your favorite hobbies such as reading or photography. When this happens, eyelid surgery is necessary to make sure that you can continue to pursue your goals.

While you might be able to put off things such as covering your grays, the truth is that there often comes a time when surgery is necessary to restore your overall happiness. By practicing a little self-care, you can reduce sagging eyelids and get back to enjoying life.


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