Five Reasons To Consider The Brazilian Butt Lift For A Curvy Backside

Posted on: 2 October 2018

If you want a curvy, more accentuated backside, then you only have a few choices. You could work out for months, focusing on squats and lunges. You could get silicone implants in your buttocks, resulting in instant curves. Or, you could undergo a Brazilian butt lift, a somewhat newer procedure that shapes and tones your backside using your own body fat. While no solution is right for everyone, the Brazilian butt lift does tend to be your best option in many cases. Here's why.

1. You get quick, reliable results.

While spending hour upon hour at the gym will probably render your backside more toned, there's no guarantee of results. Some people simply have flatter rear ends and won't develop curves no matter how much they work out. And fitting all of those workouts into your schedule can be tough if you are working and also trying to engage with family and friends! 

With a Brazilian butt lift, your results are practically instant (once you recover), and you only need to dedicate a few days to the procedure and recovery. You'll get results even if your genetics to favor a flatter backside.

2. Your own fat is used to augment your backside.

There are people who had had negative reactions to the silicone used to make buttock implants. Even saline implants can be a hazard if they burst or if you have a sensitivity to the plastic they are sometimes lined with. In the Brazilian butt lift procedure, however, your doctor will use your own body fat to augment your backside. There's virtually zero chance of a reaction to the presence of the body fat in the new area since it is your body's own fat. This makes the Brazilian butt lift a much safer choice than other augmentation procedures -- and an option for many patients who have had a negative reaction to cosmetic procedures in the past.

3. Your backside can be custom shaped.

If you rely on workouts to shape your backside, you don't have a lot of control over the final results. For instance, you may want more volume to the sides but end up with a lot of volume over the back. Implants are similarly restrictive. Your surgeon can move the implants left, right, up, or down based on your preferences, but you are still somewhat limited in their placement. There's a lot more flexibility with the Brazilian butt lift. If you want a little added to the right, and a little more added to the left-center, your surgeon can do that. They can even out uneven cheeks and so forth.

4. The Brazilian butt lift is permanent.

The results of working out only last as long as you hit the gym. If you slack on your workout routine, your bum will soon revert back to its old shape. Silicone implants often need to be replaced, too. They may wear out or become more prone to damage after 10 years or so, so your surgeon may recommend having them removed and replaced. The results of a Brazilian butt lift, however, are permanent. The fat placed in your backside will stay there indefinitely. You can certainly have additional procedures later on if you want to add more volume to your backside, but this is purely optional.

5. Recovery is not too bad.

You may think that recovering from such a procedure would be time-consuming or painful, the recovery is actually pretty straightforward. You'll need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks, and you'll need to avoid intense physical activity for a month or two. However, patients can often return to light work after a week or two, provided they are careful.

If you desire a larger, more shapely backside, talk to a cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Robert J. Troell, M.D., F.A.C.S., to learn more about the Brazilian butt lift. 


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