How A Plastic Surgery Center Can Help With Scars

Posted on: 24 May 2019

There are many types of scars and all extremes of scars. From minor to major burn scars to minor to major cut scars, you may have one or more that bother you. Even something like adolescent acne problems can leave someone with many facial scars. No matter what your scars are, they may bother you every day. There is no reason for you to continue to live with scars that make you feel self-conscious when there are plastic surgery options to help. While not all scars can be completely corrected, they can generally be made to look much less noticeable.

How burn scars can be helped

There are a number of methods that can be used to help decrease the appearance of burn scars, depending on the severity of your scars and other factors the surgeon will go over with you. One option for severe burn scars a skin graft where healthy skin will be removed from one part of your body and grafted in the areas where the scars are; donor skin can also be used for skin grafts. For minor burn scars, lasers may be used to help reduce the scarring.

How to have scars lightened up or even removed

If you have scars from an accident, a condition, or even from past surgeries, then you may be able to have the scars taken care of with the use of lasers. For serious scars, skin grafts or other procedures may also be viable options.

How to correct cancer removal sites

If you are looking at reconstructive surgery following a procedure to remove cancer, then you may be looking at a procedure referred to as a free flap. This procedure involves skin, muscle, and/or bone to be transferred from a donor area to the area that needs the reconstruction. Part of this type of corrective surgery generally also involves microsurgery.

How missing areas can be repaired

If you lose a large area of skin (or more than just skin), then microsurgery may be able to help. Microsurgery is able to re-attach large pieces of skin or digits under the right conditions. If you have just had an accident and you lose something like a finger or toe, then it is very important for you to find that missing piece and get it onto ice immediately. Get to the nearest emergency room with the ice and the part you lost.


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