What Can Muscle Freezing Injections Do?

Posted on: 23 October 2019

You have probably heard of muscle-freezing injections, like Botox, before. You know these injections are intended to help keep wrinkling and fine lines at bay, but you don't know what all these types of procedures can potentially do. Under the advice of a medical professional, such as a doctor who is specialized in cosmetic procedures, you can get these muscle-freezing injections in not just your face but other areas of your body as well to give you great, health-boosting results.

While these procedures are not permanent and are not meant to entirely cure any type of ailment, getting a treatment like Botox can help to improve your overall outlook on life and help you feel better about yourself. What can these injections do? Talk to your cosmetic surgeon and medical cosmetic specialist about this type of treatment for your overall health.

You can turn back the hands of time temporarily

What makes this type of cosmetic procedure so great is that the results are wonderful, practically instant, and don't last forever, which means you can do touch-ups as needed without getting permanent placement like other types of cosmetic treatments — such as surgery — can provide. If you want to make your skin look more supple, less wrinkled, and tighter for an event like a wedding or vacation, then talk to your cosmetic specialist about having these types of treatments done.

The results should last a while, depending on how many injections you get and what results you want to have. The results may be so great that you will want to schedule a repeat appointment to have your injections done again to keep the new look you can gain going.

You can reduce sweating in parts of your body

Did you know that Botox can be used on some patients who experience excessive sweating on their faces, armpits, hands, and even feet? The same reaction that the chemicals in the injections cause in the wrinkled skin happens to the parts of the body that cause the body to sweat. If you are an excessive sweater and embarrassed by it and want results that can last longer than the other treatments you've tried, ask your doctor about muscle-freezing injections for sweating.

You can reduce migraine pain and trauma

While not considered a permanent relief but helpful for many, this type of cosmetic procedure can be done on the face and neck to help keep migraines at bay or make them occur less frequently or be less severe. Results vary for every patient; talk to your cosmetic surgeon about this option if you have headaches on the regular.


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