Why YOU Should Get Laser Lipo

Posted on: 8 October 2020

It's a good time to get liposuction if you have been thinking about it as a solution for weight loss. There are many more options available than ever before beyond regular liposuction. Regular liposuction can cause a lot of trauma to your body. Instead, many people are choosing to get laser liposuction, a much less invasive procedure. While regular liposuction uses a large cannula that is pushed around inside the body and sucks up fat cells, laser liposuction simply uses a laser to destroy those fat cells. Here are a few more reasons why people are choosing laser liposuction over the regular type.

Easier Recovery

Regular liposuction can be a challenging procedure to recover from. This is because it is quite traumatic for the body. Fat cells are forcibly sucked up and out of the body, which can leave you as the patient with a loss of blood and sagging skin. Because of how rough the procedure is, many patients are left bruised and battered, looking more like they were just in a fight than a procedure. With laser liposuction, the laser not only kills fat cells but actually cauterizes the surrounding cells, greatly limiting the amount of blood loss and bleeding patients may experience.

Further Reach

Since regular liposuction uses such a large cannula, there are some areas of the body that it is just not safe to perform the procedure on, such as the forearms or lower legs. Laser liposuction, on the other hand, only requires an incision of one millimeter and is then much easier on the body. A laser is focused on unwanted fat cells which then die and shrink away. Hard-to-reach areas of the body can get liposuction with ease, greatly improving the overall appearance of the patient.

Wider Audience

Since laser liposuction is much easier on the body, more people are good candidates to get this procedure. Elderly individuals who could not have withstood the trauma of regular lipo can handle laser liposuction with ease since the laser is gentle on their more fragile skin. Now looking great is not limited to younger people—anyone can get liposuction and feel great about themselves in the process. 

In conclusion, laser liposuction gives you everything you want from regular liposuction, only without such a high physical cost. Everyone wants to look good, but you do not need to risk your health to do so.  Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about getting a consultation about laser lipo today. For more information about laser liposuction, reach out to a local service.


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