Smaller Breasts? When and Why to Get a Breast Reduction

Posted on: 2 April 2021

One of the most common cosmetic procedures that women elect to get is breast augmentation. During breast augmentation, breast implants will be used to help add volume and shape to your breasts. While this is one of the most popular types of procedures, it's not the only breast procedure that women elect to get. In fact, there is one type of procedure that is literally the opposite of an augmentation; a reduction. So, when might someone want to get a breast reduction? Read on to learn a little bit more about some of the unique reasons. 

1. Alleviate Back Pain 

Looks aren't everything; in fact, comfort should be key. When a woman has large, oversized breasts, they can cause extreme back pain. If you are a woman who likes to exercise a lot then you may really notice severe back pain that's caused by your oversized breasts. Also, a lot of women experience back pain from just doing basic things like walking around or sitting with all of that extra weight on their chest. During a breast reduction surgery, your surgeon will remove extra breast tissue (or weight) to help you live a more comfortable life. 

2. Address Chronic Rashes Under the Breasts

When you have large, oversized breasts they can sometimes create moisture underneath your breasts which can lead to chronic rashes. When sweat and moisture are essentially trapped under your large breasts, it can lead to chaffing and a variety of different other rashes; all of which can be really painful and uncomfortable. During a breast reduction procedure, your doctor will be able to remove all of the skin and breast tissue that is causing those rashes in hopes of alleviating them for good. 

3. Improve Your Appearance

Some women don't like the look of large breasts; especially when they feel like they are too large. If you were born with really large breasts, you may not be a big fan. For this reason alone, you can have a breast reduction to give you the ultimate results that you want from your body. After all, your appearance can lead to more confidence and better self-esteem. 

These are just a few reasons why some women elect to get a breast reduction. If you feel like you fit into one of these categories then schedule a consultation with a breast reduction surgeon near you today and then can tell you whether or not you're a good candidate. 


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