How To Fix Permanent Dark Circles Around Your Eyes

Posted on: 21 June 2021

It's a bit discouraging when people regularly ask you if you're tired, even when you're full of energy. Perhaps it's less about your attitude and more about those dark half circles permanently under your eyes. Is it time to do something about it so your face looks as energetic as you feel?

Periorbital Dark Circles

The dark half circles beneath your eyes are known as periorbital dark circles, and there are many causes for this unfortunate blemish. You might simply be tired, in which case your periorbital puffiness will subside as the day goes on, and under-eye moisturizer can offset any puffiness or dark circles. Similarly to fatigue, there are some allergic reactions that can cause periorbital dark circles, although this will fade once your allergic reaction is treated with an antihistamine or comparable medication. But sometimes a periorbital dark circle can be caused by something that won't fade away quite so quickly.

Permanent Dark Circles

Age and sun exposure can contribute to noticeable periorbital dark circles, and no amount of moisturizer will remove these circles, even though it might still be good for the delicate skin beneath your eyes. You could cover the discoloration using makeup, but this isn't a practical solution for everyone. There are a number of cosmetic injection procedures that can be administered directly to the tear trough (which is what this patch of skin is called), which smooth out the hollow beneath your eyes and sharply minimize the appearance of those dark half circles.

A Dermal Filler

It's not as though Botox will be injected into this delicate part of your face, as the goal of the procedure isn't to freeze the muscles around your eyes (which would be extremely unwise), and it's simply to add a small amount of appropriate filler to smooth out the pronounced contours in your tear trough. This will reduce the severity of your periorbital dark circles. The best injectable will be discussed with you, but it's likely to be a dermal form of hyaluronic acid. 

What to Expect

It's important to have realistic expectations when you have your periorbital dark circles treated with a dermal filler. While the results should be to your liking, they won't be immediate, and if anything, the skin around your eyes will temporarily look worse. There will be some inflammation around your eyes, which is simply your body's response to the injection. Your doctor or cosmetologist will give you precise aftercare instructions, but this rapid-onset puffiness will quickly subside and is nothing to be concerned about. 

So if you're sick of looking tired when you're not, consider getting a cosmetic injection to wake up the skin beneath your eyes.


Choosing The Right Cosmetic Procedures

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